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"My dream was a tropical island, a little fishing boat and catching some BIG-ASS fish..."

Let's talk about YOUR dreams...

Do you dream of:

  • Being your own boss?
  • Launching your first really successful product?
  • Breathing new life into an existing product?
  • Gaining new sales by going online - or offline?
  • Dominating your local trade area?

This little web page reveals the two most important things you need to know...

From The Laptop of Alan Carr
Direct Response Copywriter/Consultant
On the tropical island of Borneo

Dear crafty business owner,

Not getting the sales you need really sucks, I know.

It hurts even more when you're doing all the right things...

The theory is pretty simple - provide a good product or service, at a nice price - people are supposed to buy it, right?

Sure, there's a little bit more... Great service, honour your guarantee, have an attractive web-site and all that.

Common-sense really.

Now let's get real...

Because Life Isn't Fair...

Getting good sales isn't as easy as it sounds, is it?

Every year thousands of well-established businesses go under, the failure rate even higher for start-ups, in fact the majority (64%) of start-ups fail.

We're told the Free Market is mega-efficient, that good providers will be rewarded and bad providers punished.

They don't mention those trying really hard to deliver good quality, at very fair prices - still getting creamed by shoddy competition and an uncaring public!

They don't talk of how so many lost their homes or marriage, their savings and sanity, because they tried, worked hard - and didn't get the sales they needed.

Happily, it's not all doom. Many businesses DO succeed, creating the real freedom that wealth brings for their owners.

So what's the hidden secret to long term success?

In a word, salesmanship.

So here's...

Why I'm The Salesman You Need To Talk To:

Around 7 years ago I looked pretty much the same as any other salesman, on the outside.

Smart suit, company car, cell-phone glued to my ear, smile for the boss, smile for the clients, smile for the speed camera...

Over the years I've sold kitchens, double glazing and time-share holidays. I know how the human mind works, our secret motivators - and what makes people get their wallets out or sign big contracts.

In short, I have the incredibly valuable knowledge of how to sell. Working in sales I was finding "success" and some money but not my dream.

Who dreams of traffic jams and an itchy collar? Not me!

Thing is, I have a skill most pushy loud-mouth salesmen don't...

For most it's not in their genes but it's always been in mine:

I'm good at writing. Very good.

So I made a decision.

A big one...

"Best... we've ever had"

If you're looking for a top quality copywriter at realistic rates you won't go wrong with Alan Carr.

He's the best writer we've ever had and personally I'm delighted when he's available...

Gennady Mikhaylov CEO
J&J Twins Corp. New York


I Decided...

Yes, I wanted to be my own boss, earn decent money, with the freedom to enjoy it - who doesn't?

I decided I was going to try to make my living online. Lots of people try that. Most fail.

I got started anyway.

How? Well... First I gave up a well-paid managerial position, which wasn't as tough as it sounds.

Money does NOT make up for your precious time, especially at high tax rates!

My friends said I was nuts, crazy or worse:

"But Alan, that's mad! You've already got a good job, you'll lose so much money..."

Ultimately my dream was living in the tropics, a little fishing boat and catching some BIG-ASS fish!

I wasn't completely crazy, just completely determined! Having given up the "good" job I've since devoted my time to learning, how to sell by the written word, thus combining my writing with my selling skills.

And the question back then was - what the heck to sell?

"Stopped me in my tracks"

"Alan's critique of my site and following salesletter stopped me in my tracks and made me reassess my business from the ground up. Great work!"

Arion G

"He is a fountain of knowledge"

"Alan's wide grasp of internet marketing and skillful writing were amazing to us. He is a fountain of knowledge and combined this with intense study on our product, market and competition.

Email, salesletters, landing pages, even Adwords advertisements, he continues to impress and we are 100% satisfied. If you need a creative and skilled sales copywriter, at very affordable rates, Alan is your first choice. Just be aware that he is often already engaged, so book him early!"

Tim Berger CEO, deepinvent GmBH,
Mailstore Email Archiving Software

"Make my own products? Yes!"

Information products, such as "ebooks", I could do myself.

So I did, along with other people's products as an affiliate.

I was doing OK but wasn't getting the sales I needed. OK, wanted.

Having a great product is only half the story. It's not just the product; it's the marketing they say but that still leaves out something important...

First I had to learn a new lesson, what I consider the secret key:

Your Key To Success...

It started when I came up with a great idea for some software.

I mean, software. Bill Gates and all that? Awesome, right?

The problem was back then (and now) I couldn't code my way out of a wet paper bag.

So I had to hire a company to build it...

"He amazed us"

"I gave Alan the brief for 2 complex and technical softwares that are hard to explain. He made the product and benefits very clear. That is the second time he amazed us with his exceptional work and we have recommended him to other Misv*"

(*Micro independent software vendors)

Max Bolide
Bolide Software


I then hired someone else to do a better job of the website coding, then hired someone else to do the graphics...

Can you see where I'm going with this...?

The fact is...

if you want to rise to the top like the cream you are, you need to delegate to specialists.

You aren't making money studying HTML or PHP, all the time you're wrestling with Photoshop is wasted - and you know what?

Even the "easy" bit of describing how great your product is... should be left to an expert.

You Need A Sales Copywriter

Sales copy is the field I studied, and still do... You see, the real power of selling by text is that it comes alive in the reader's mind, like a salesman that never sleeps.

Well-crafted text can sell to hundreds, even thousands of different people, even at the same time! That's powerful.

But here's the problem:

Get your text wrong and you mess things up - thousands of times a day!

There's a lot of "wannabe" copywriters out there though. So, what you need is...

A Great Copywriter...

Writing the copy for my own products was the one thing I figured I could do well. I'm a salesman, right?

I learnt the hard way there is more to selling by text than being good at selling in person, or even "good with words" - though it certainly helps!

Instead I had to STUDY copywriting, as a new branch of my sales profession.

Since then I've dedicated years to learning what is now my craft, sucking up knowledge, honing my skills to a razor-edge - and getting good at it.

I've read and re-read just about every copywriting book and course in existence,  recently writing my own for fellow copywriters: Carr's Copywriting Checklist

If you're a copywriter check it out. If you're not, skip it, as it's literally just a checklist of the top 100 sales copy techniques. It won't make much sense to most people.

In fact no book, even a library of them, can really teach sales copy, no software program (yeah I thought about it!) can compete with a trained copywriter.

And don't get me started about the "guru" ebooks on my hard drive!

Books and video courses only go so far...

After gaining experience, making clients happy and producing a flood of sales I knew I was more than "good" at copywriting - but that's not how I work.

I demand excellence, from others and from myself.

When I work with you on your sales copy you want more than "good enough", true?

So do I.

So I took my skills to the highest level...

Mentored By The Best

The only way I could develop my skills further was by following my own advice, seeking the services of a specialist...

Remember the "excellence" thing?

So I jumped the queue.

I went straight for the one guy I know for a fact has raked in tens of millions of dollars for his clients.

He and his students dominate Clickbank and other Internet Marketing outlets, with his rare students becoming millionaire-makers themselves.

Vin Montello.

That guy charges $16,000 for a single website sales page, payment in advance, and that's IF he'll take your project. As you can imagine, such one-to-one coaching doesn't come cheap. You can't hire him by the hour, which would be pricey enough; if you're a student it's 6 MONTHS.

Can you guess what people said?

"But Alan that's crazy, it's so expensive, you're already a good copywriter..."

Thing is, you don't just hire Montello, especially as a student. You've gotta qualify...

He explained that if he became my mentor I'd be telling people about it. He didn't want his name associated with my work unless I was already better than "good".

So I showed him... He asked "How much are you charging?" I told him.

Vin: "You're crazy."

Me: "I get told that a lot..."

Don't worry - my fees are still crazy and you CAN afford me!

"He is easily worth the money"

"Alan's salesletter and follow up email have brought me thousands of euros. He is easily worth the money"

Basil Delaportas, Forex Trader

"Touched their emotions"

"Alright! After showing your copy to my friends and comparing it with the original they said yours touched their emotions and now they actually want a copy. Lol."

Ivan Mosquera, E-book author

I've Been Where You Are:

Over the last 7 years I've hired at least 20 different freelancers - software coders in various languages, web designers and even writers - and I've learnt something:

You will NOT find the best specialists on freelance auction sites!

You certainly get cheap and you get a wide choice but it's usually a false economy.

Let me make this very clear:

If they can't run their own business, don't let them ruin yours!

You need a full-time professional specialist, not someone working out of their parent's basement or with computers and software at their local college.

Instead it's best to network, get to know people, ask who they're using?

That simple little tip will save you a heap of heartache!

Your Bigger Dreams Can Come True...

Great sales copy means you can dream bigger!

Whether you're looking to retire early, retire with more style or just to build up the strength of an existing business, you need to get talking to me.

My sales copy is THE easiest and most effective way of super-charging your sales.

Consider this:

Online or offline, more sales from the same amount of advertising, the same number of visitors - now that's a sweet deal!

With more sales you can afford more advertising. More advertising, more sales.

More sales means you can develop new and better products or services...

The difference between a thriving business or one that barely survives is simple:

Is it really selling?

But here's the real test:

Are your dreams coming closer - or are you on a treadmill?

If you've got that treadmill feeling, see below:

"He is truly an artist."

"Copywriting may not even be the right word to describe what Alan will do for you. He is truly an artist! The quality content he has written for us produced many great leads that converted into successful projects!"

Dimitri Bir, WebRotate 360, LLC

"...excellent copy at any price."

Alan writes excellent copy at any price and he delivers exactly what he promises.

I was surprised at how much experience Alan brought to the table and will definitely use him again.

Toby Patke Founder Clearcove Consulting

Here's How I Help You:

Although I can and do work for you as a general sales consultant, my primary skill is copywriting. Everything flows from your sales message.

Because of my early start with software I've come to semi-specialise in software sales copy, both business to business and consumer but I do well with virtually all products.

Here's just some of the projects I can help you with:

  • Online sales page
  • "Squeeze" page
  • Email, including an auto-responder series
  • Press Release
  • Direct Response Salesletter
  • Postcard
  • Video script
  • Brochure
  • White paper/report
  • PAD file

If it can be sold via text, I'll sell for you, apart from multi-level marketing, gambling or anything where I do not believe the customer is getting value.

I'm fussy like that.

If you fit this criteria, get in touch right now:

Do you have a decent product or products to sell?

Are you willing to help me with things such as a detailed specification, free sample, previous advertising materials or anything else I need to do the job properly?

Can you work with me 100% online?

Do you have your own technical crew for design or coding?

Can you take good advice?

If the above accurately describes you, we're a great fit!

"We asked him to do the copy on our website and we're very happy we did!"

"We were referred to Alan and hired him to write a press release. Very impressed so we asked him to do the sales copy on our website and we're very happy we did!! Our software was already selling well but with Alan's selling and suggestions on the site it rocketed to an incredible 4.7% visitor to sales conversion!! That is almost unheard of in an industry where 2.0% is considered excellent.

He has since produced our brochure and emails with equal success. I personally vouch for his expertise and that he is fun to work with too. He begged me not to say this but I will, Alan made our software walk on water! You've given me and my family some real security now. Thank you!"

Lambros Kaliakatsos CEO
Plexscape LLC

"... massive impact"

"It has been a pleasure working with Alan on the writing of new copy for our companies website. The new copy has had a massive impact on our site with huge increases in uptake and with no negative affect on our seo positions.

I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Alan to anyone and will definately have the pleasure of working with him again in the near future."

Shaun Featherstone, Managing Director,

And Get A FREE Mini-Consultation!

Just for filling in the form below you'll get a polite, friendly and helpful reply within 48 hours or less, even if I'm currently engaged.

It's helpful to you because I'll assess your current situation and plans, including your sales material, before giving you my straight-talking opinion and advice.

I usually charge $199 for such a critique - so why free? I told you I was fussy; I just like having a wider choice of projects across my desk. I still charge $199 for a FULL review and critique, but mini ones are free!

You'll also be amazed how low my full service fee is...

Why? Because my living costs are now low. I don't need to demand $10,000 or even $5,000 for a single project.

In addition I find clients come back for more. They have the money to start another business, then another... or they just want extras such as a press release or brochure.

Once you've got that whole "salesmanship" thing covered, why go anywhere else?

Such extras are even more affordable, as I already know you and your product or service, meaning I don't have to do all the research again.

Talking of which, I'm sometimes booked two or three months ahead, so do fill and post the little form below (scroll down), give me a rough idea of your project, right now, while you've got time.

We can fill in the blanks later but if I'm booked I'm booked, so get started now!

PS: Remember the old chestnut: "If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting what you've always got"?

Isn't it about time you partnered up with a professional copywriter, who's been there, done that, is living his own dream - and can actually help you?

PPS: Sometimes people write to me who already DO understand the value, they do want me to write their sales copy - but they're just not sure if they can afford it. Of course here I'm supposed to ask "Can you afford not to?" and talk about the value again, the investment aspect etc etc.

Instead let's make life easy for both of us - my standard fee for pretty much any single project is $1850, with a 50% deposit. If you're nervous and just want a critique, I offer a $185 Starter Consultation, which is deductible from my full service later. Ask me about it?

So here's your form, write now:

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